Is it just me, or..?

Julie Lane’s current lifetime achievements:

  • 46 years on the planet
  • 35 spent in the USA (or travelling)
  • 11 spent living in the U of K
  • 23 spent marketing other people’s stuff
  • 20,765 cups of coffee
  • 13 fish
  • 12 cats
  • 3 dogs
  • 2 degrees, 2 passports
  • 1 husband, 1 child
  • 0 understanding of the British people

This blog, Is it just me, or..?, is dedicated to my trials and tribulations of being an American on British soil as well as just being a human being in general. Please note that I LOVE my British contemporaries, I just don’t understand them three quarters of the time and that’s including my husband and daughter.



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