Is it just me, or is it practically impossible to keep the weight off during the holidays?

October 31, 2017

The million dollar question.

The answer is simple. Make good choices. Everything in life has to be about balance and moderation. You must exercise self-control. There is no fast track or quick fix here. Yes, I can give you tips on how to drop a dress size in two weeks, but the reality is…you’ll put that weight back on, and possibly even a couple of extra pounds on top of that. Your mindset really has to change. Can you commit to getting, and staying, fit? It’s your choice. It is up to you. With Halloween now just behind us and December quickly approaching, here come all of the delicious temptations…at office parties and school concerts that are filled with mulled wine and mince pies a-plenty, you have to choose. If you choose to indulge in a lovely little treat, then treat yourself to long walk the next day. The point is to move more in the winter as it can feel harder to do. You don’t have to go to the gym every day, and most especially if you feel like you over-indulged on mince pies the day before. Don’t punish yourself in the gym for falling off of your programme – that’s exactly when you fall out of love with exercise. Instead, try to do something you wouldn’t normally do, like a hot yoga class, or a barre class that has a speciality element like HIIT or sculpting. Barre classes seem harmless whilst you are taking them, but you’ll feel the burn over the next 48 hours as they work similarly to Pilates utilising very precise isolated moves used to engage the smallest inner muscles deep within your butt, thighs and tum that help focus on core stability which we love as it helps increase our overall balance.

How to enjoy the parties and stay fit at the same time.

December is the ideal month to socialise, so why not throw a party? That way, you can manage all of the ingredients yourself and ensure they are super healthy as well as tasty and festive. It’s not always about weight or fat loss. December is a great month to keep the status quo. You can enjoy really healthy, amazing dishes as long as you exercise portion control and use a little imagination. One of my favourite brain boosting super antioxidants is resveratrol. It also happens to tie in nicely with the Christmas season as it is found in red wine and cranberries! It is sparsely available in our diets since it is in so few foods, but surely we can whip something up with these amazing ingredients?  See my post from earlier this year on how to throw a fabulous resveratrol party.  I have some recipes I regularly make, so tweet me if you are interested in more.



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